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You've heard the hype! Now it's time for you to see what all the fuss is about.

Banned in over 100 counties** - Dr. Stainzz Magical Portal is here for Android users.

To install you must allow installations from this location. This app will *NOT* Hack you. It does require some permissions and here is what each is used for:

1) Your current GPS - we use this to plot all our users on a funky map from space - this is optional but come on.. put yourself on the map!
2) Record audio (multiple) - at one small part in the app we ask to record audio. Next thing we may ask for is to access your contact list. We're just looking for one entry there... some people have her there, some don't .. most young people will have this person.. If you want to win the game you're gonna need to let Dr. Stainzz call her and then you're gonna have to have a 20 minute conversation with her (ya it's your mom...)

Next thing we may ask for is to read and send SMS messages. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. We will not share anything with anyone. We may use your SMS to verify your phone number before we start making calls to your mother. We need to be able to auto verify this to ensure this is legit. Our lawyers told us we need to do this kind of thing to be safe.

If you're scared, just uninstall the app after you've played the game but please, we are professionals. We aren't going to jam you up.

Enough waiting around, I present to you... Dr. Stainzz Magical Portal

All likenesses are purely coincidental, no characters were meant to resemble anyone alive or dead.
All characters used in parody under the "fair use" rules.
** banned in over 100 countries by me, nobody else really knows about it but for now only USA & Canada can view.


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